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In today’s world, we’re so used to electricity that when there’s a blackout or any part of the house loses power, most of our activities suddenly come to a halt. 

In a situation where you can’t use your electric stove, charge your phone, or entertain yourself with TV, it’s easy to get frustrated. We realize that electric problems don’t only happen during business hours. 

That’s why we offer emergency electrical services at any time of the day so that you don’t have to spend the night in the dark or with a continually tripping breaker. Here are some common electrical emergencies.

Breaker Tripping

If one part of your home is taking up too much power, the overload can trip the circuit. Most homeowners are aware that they need to check their breaker box. But that only works in normal situations.

If the breaker continually trips or has been tripping for a few days, there’s surely an underlying electrical problem. So, you need a Rockford electrician to look at your breaker box and diagnose the electrical issue before an accident happens.

Sudden Blackout

If one or two rooms in your house lose power, you might consider waiting till the morning to get an electrician Rockford IL. However, if the whole house is plunged into darkness, it’s better to call us for our emergency services. 

Check outside to see if other houses have power. If no, then it’s definitely a problem in your wiring system.

Flickering Appliances or Lights

On the surface, lights flickering on and off occasionally might not seem like a concern. However, if it’s happening too often and you’re worried about your appliances burning, you need to consult a residential electrician Rockford IL.