Electrical Upgrades

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Getting new tiles for the kitchen or a fancy lawnmower might be fun, but nothing compares to the utter joy or convenience of having electrical upgrades in the house. We have been offering electrical upgrades to our clients for years, and their satisfaction is always a treat for us. 

Here are some common upgrades clients request:

  • Smart Home Features: As life gets busier, everyone wants to make the mundane tasks easier. Fortunately, technology allows you to automate many things in your house. Some electrical upgrades in this regard include smart thermostats, smart smoke alarms, remote-controlled heating, cooling, and sprinkler system, smart sensors, and remote-controlled blinds or drapes. 
  • Upgraded Panels: Any electrician in Rockford Illinois, will tell you a panel upgrade is important to hold up your modern appliances’ electrical needs. Households today are using up to 50% more energy than they previously did. Thus, panel upgrades are useful in meeting these higher energy demands. 
  • GFCIs Installation: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are smart devices that shut off power in case an appliance comes in contact with water. It’s recommended to install GFCIs in outdoor areas, basements, and bathrooms. 
  • Charging Stations: Every household has a plethora of digital devices. With your laptops, phones, and tablets occupying the outlets, there’s no room for other appliances or equipment. Therefore, setting a designated charging station in the house frees up the outlets for other appliances.
  • Lighting: Many homeowners opt for lighting upgrades, such as LED or ambient lights. On the one hand, these upgrades help you save money and energy since modern lights are energy-efficient. On the other, they add an ambiance to your house, enhancing its coziness and beauty.